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There is no way to tell exactly how long a tire lasts. After five years or more in use, your tires should be thoroughly inspected at least once per year by a professional. If the tires haven’t been replaced 10 years after their date of manufacture, as a precaution, Michelin recommends replacing them with new tires. Even if they appear to be in usable condition and have not worn down to the tread wear indicator. This applies to spare tires as well. You can increase your tire’s longevity by maintaining the correct air pressure, performing regular tire rotations and vehicle maintenance. The only exception is if your spare tire is actually a 5th full-size tire that exactly matches the tires on your vehicle. Do I need new tires? Safe Driving. How long does a tire last?

How to Determine When a Michelin Tire Was Made

This quick guide will help you find the manufacture date of your tire and understand how Tires Easy handles tire age based on the DOT Code. Keeping a record of your tires and understanding their age will help you save money on repairs and take proper care of your vehicle. It tells you who manufactured the tire, where it was made, and other tracking information. The raised numbers of the DOT Code are placed together and often enclosed in a raised oval. The first two numbers are the week the tire was manufactured.

In the image below, we see the 07, indicating the tire was build in

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Our website uses cookies to place bookings and help us provide a better service. By browsing this site you accept cookies used to improve personalisation and marketing. Find out more in our updated privacy policy or review your cookie settings. To help identify the age of your tyres, each one is imprinted with a coded date which tells you when that tyre was manufactured.

The four-digit tyre age code is usually located in a window on the tyre sidewall. The first two digits of the code represent the week of production during the year from 1 to 52 while the second two digits represent the year of manufacture. In this example, the manufacture date code is – where 47 denotes the week of manufacture and 18 represents the year, meaning the tyre manufacture date was the 47th week of If your tyres are printed with only a 3-digit number, it means your tyres were manufactured before and should be replaced asap.

There is no definitive tyre age limit as to when you should replace your tyres but once your tyres reach 7- 10 years old, you should keep a close eye on their condition and consider replacing them. Tyre ageing is commonly identified by small cracks, known as crazing, which appear in the tyre sidewall.

This is brought about when UV light oxidises the rubber causing it to dry out. While tyres contain anti-oxidising chemicals which significantly slow down the rate of ageing, this wax-like substance is only released when the tyre is in motion. Therefore, if the tyre is not used frequently or is stored away ineffectively, they will age more quickly rendering them unroadworthy when returned to use.

Do I need new tires ?

When it comes to buying tyres, most customers will undoubtedly have heard that there is an expiry date — from the date of manufacture — to look out for when making a purchase. However, how true is this notion? On the sidewalls of each tyre, there is a stamp known as the DOT Department of Transportation code, which includes a four-digit figure.

The jumble of letters and numbers on your tire’s sidewall holds a lot of The Stinger wears Michelin Pilot Sport 4 rubber. Born-on date.

Tires are one of the most essential components of your car. On this note, it is only normal to be careful when buying them. This has been the way for some, but Michelin finds this a serious concern. As explained by Michelin, tires begin their aging process as soon as they are mounted on your wheels. Even when a car is at rest, tires suffer from pressure stresses — what more when the car begins to move fort and stop?

Furthermore, temperature is also a factor affecting tire status. Heat on the road adds to the heat generated by friction, as well as sudden changes in temperature, such as going through cold puddles. To support this, numerous tests in various countries were conducted to check if this norm is true. In Saudi Arabia, they found out that a year-old used and 10 year-old stored tires have identical aging. In South Korea, new tires reveal the same condition as per the 3 year-old stored ones.

German motorist organization, on the other hand, found similar rolling resistance from newly made tires with those stored for 3 years.

How Old is This New Tire?

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Read on to find out how to check the tyre’s date and place of manufacture and why the age of a tyre B5 – Michelin factory in Olsztyn – Poland.

It is the second largest tyre manufacturer in the world after Bridgestone and larger than both Goodyear and Continental. Michelin is also notable for its Red and Green travel guides , its roadmaps , the Michelin stars that the Red Guide awards to restaurants for their cooking, and for its company mascot Bibendum , colloquially known as the Michelin Man.

Michelin’s numerous inventions include the removable tyre, the pneurail a tyre for rubber-tyred metros and the radial tyre. Michelin manufactures tyres for space shuttles , [3] aircraft, automobiles, heavy equipment, motorcycles , and bicycles. One day, a cyclist whose pneumatic tyre needed repair turned up at the factory.

The tyre was glued to the rim, and it took over three hours to remove and repair the tyre, which then needed to be left overnight to dry. After only a few hundred metres, the tyre failed. Michelin was incorporated on 28 May

It’s maintenance, not tire age, that matters to Michelin

Decoding your car’s tire information doesn’t require flipping through the owner’s manual. All the information you need is right there on the sidewall. You just have to know how to crack the code. Not only do the jumble of letters and numbers tell you the size of the tire, but they can also tell you how safe your tires are and how old they are, too.

Let’s take a look at the tires on Roadshow’s long-term Kia Stinger for example. The biggest stamping on the tire is the brand and model, in this case Michelin Pilot Sport 4.

The following recommendation applies to passenger car and light truck tires. tires in service 10 years or more from the date of manufacture, including spare.

Instead of focusing on the DOT manufacture date, Michelin says that you’re better served by practicing correct safety maintenance once the tire is installed. You also would have been informed by someone who’s been on the road more years than you that you should buy tires that have manufacture dates close to the day you buy them. Take bananas, for example, a staple on every Filipino’s dining table needs to be consumed within a few days else they end up wasted in the garbage can.

Checking the DOT code on your prospective tires and buying the one with the latest production date and avoiding anything that’s more than a year old is good advice then; because surely, tires must expire too, shouldn’t they? We all know the answer to that question. It turns out your lolo and many other drivers on the road have been misinformed about tires. Instead of focusing on the DOT manufacture date, Michelin Chief Representative to the Philippines Michael Nunag says that customers would be better served by practicing correct safety maintenance once the tire is installed.

DOT Date Code & Tire Age Explained

Michelin, however, is telling us otherwise. And lo and behold, there was no performance difference between the 2. And mind you, tires also degrade even when the vehicle is not used. So, what does Michelin recommend?

I cannot find a DOT code on my front tires has anyone else experienced this? i located the DOT code on the rear and tag no problem but.

MICHELIN Passenger Car and Light Truck Tyres, used in normal service and in accordance with the maintenance recommendations and safety warnings of the Michelin Company, are covered by a warranty against defects in design, workmanship and materials subject to the conditions set out below. Tyres sold within three years of the manufacturing date Where the tyres are sold within three years of the manufacturing date, the warranty shall be for the life of the original usable tread pattern or six years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first.

Tyres sold three years after the manufacturing date Where the tyres are sold three years after the manufacturing date, the warranty shall be for the life of the original usable tread pattern or six years from the date of manufacture, whichever comes first. At the end of the relevant periods stated in paragraphs a. The original usable tread pattern is the original pattern down to the level of the tread pattern wear indicators — 1. Date of purchase is documented by new vehicle registration where the tyres were fitted on a new vehicle or original tyre sales invoice.

If there is no proof of purchase, the warranty will be based on the date of manufacture. Road hazard injury e. Mechanical irregularity in the vehicle such as wheel misalignment resulting in uneven or rapid wear;. Vehicles which are carrying loads or running at speeds higher than the load and speed index marked on the tyre sidewalls or that recommended for the vehicles;. Tyre purchased second hand, this includes tyres fitted to used cars and imported vehicles, without proof of purchase;.

Michelin date code

Make sure your tires are registered to receive direct notification in the event of a safety related recall. Did you get a tire registry card from the dealer? Dot codes can be found on your dealer registry card or on your tires. Multiple tires may have the same DOT code or they can be different. Please check each tire and make sure to double check the code you enter.

His tires say Click to expand Oops, looked at the wrong picture. Yours is the date code number for sure. He.

Our warranty covers defects in workmanship and material for the life of the tread or 3 years from date of purchase if tyre is purchased within 3 years from date of manufacture or 6 years from date of manufacture if tyre purchased is more than 3 years from date of manufacture , whichever occurs first. We do not cover tyres that are damaged as a result of road hazards, cuts, punctures, impact, tread aggression, uneven wear or quick wear, vehicle irregularity, etc.

Michelin does not recommend Changing run flat tyres with standard tyres. Standard tyres do not have this technology. A bulge or bubble in the sidewall is sometimes the result of damage from coming in contact with a curb, pothole or other objects. Bulge can also happen due to fitting damage in the bead area. Evidence of this damage can be:. However, your satisfaction is important to us and we request that you take the tyre into a participating dealer for inspection to determine if warranty coverage applies.

Road hazard damage is damage that occurs when a tyre fails as a result of a puncture, bruise or break incurred during the course of normal driving on a maintained road. Nails, glass and potholes are the most common examples of road hazards. Avoid running over objects e.

Tyre Manufacturing Date Guide. Find Car Tyre Age in Month, Year

Summer tyres. Winter tyres. All-season tyres. Bridgestone Tyres. Continental Tyres.

Fellow RV’er say the tire should be changed when they are 5 years old. Well, the tires are Michelin X Pilot XZA /70R / L Dot B6YB.

The Department of Transportation requires that tire manufacturers print the manufacture date on each tire. Here is how to decode what the DOT date information on a tire means. On the sidewall of the tire, locate a number that starts with DOT. It can be up to 12 digits long. The last three or four numbers are the date code. The two numbers at the beginning of the date code are the week of the year the tire was made.

This number will range from 01 to

Here’s everything you can learn from reading a tire sidewall

A new tire on my Bonanza was purchased via mail order in August from a reputable source that was listed in a major aviation trade publication. After checking to determine just how ‘new’ my new tire really was, I discovered that it was already eight years old! Look for a molded-in-plate on the side of the tire.

Can anyone tell me where exactly are the date codes on a Michelin Pilot race tire​? There are several numbers on the tire which could fit the four digit date code.

SportbikeTrackTime Forum. Giggity Rides with no training wheels. Joined: Apr 12, Messages: Likes Received: 4. Picked up a new-to-me bike with Power Slicks. Am I seeing the date code here? Prufrock traffic. Joined: Sep 3, Messages: Likes Received: It should be a four digit number with the week and year in WWYY format.

Michelin Tire DRY ROT

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